Post Kondo’ing

Its been a long while since I posted but I think it has allowed me to see the decluttering and organizing in a deeper light. Its been a few months since I embarked on the Kondo project and to my delight I still pick up things and think to myself “Do I really have any use for this article?”. What has changed is that I can now quickly and easily identify the WHY I am holding onto said item. This makes things exponentially easier because when you can identify the reason, you can then step back and tell yourself that is is okay to let go of this past limiting belief. For example, I have a favorite pair of sandals that are just tattered and the only reason I hold onto them is because I have no other black strappy summer sandals. While this is find and dandy, it’s also BECAUSE I am holding onto them so desperately that I have not found anything comparable. Cause and effect principle at play. The universe wants you to make room for more things that can truly bring you joy. Holding onto things that brought you joy (past tense) but that do not any longer will mess up the vibrational frequency.

Raised Vibration & Abundance

According to one of my all time favourite people who speak about vibration Sarah Prout, clearing out your space is a effective and almost immediate way to raise your vibrational frequency. The saying ‘out with the old and in with the new’ is really based in this. In my case, I think getting rid of all the things I no longer used really did allow new things to enter into my life. Materially speaking I had been looking for a pair of shoes that did not materialize until I got rid of 5 existing pair of shoes that I no longer wore. I would say that is definitely a sign since I had been on the hunt for this pair for over a year! This has really got me motivated to sift through the remainder of things I own. I really do generally just feel better in my surrounding with less ‘things’ around and definitely less clutter around. Clutter will really weigh a person down on a vibrational frequency level, that I have noticed first hand.

Decluttering leads to a raised vibration which in turns leads to abundance. This is what a true change in frequency can do for one.

Funny enough Sarah Prout just posted about house cleaning and the fact that she told her house cleaner that she was doing an act of service by clearing energy in people’s environments. She goes on to say that the process of “decluttering” which is essentially getting rid of things that no longer serve you, is the fastest way to start manifesting abundance. This was music to my ears, especially since I have been hearing the call to do this for months. When you think about it, its so easy to take this step!

The decluttering doesn’t need to stop at your environment and with material things. Take note of the following other ways: your relationships way of shedding friends that no longer serve you or are toxic, your money by decluttering your wallet, change purses and old receipts which shows money your love and attention and your health by clearing out junk foods and making way for healthy organic life-sustaining foods and drink.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll know immediately what can stay and what should go. It becomes a question of how can I support the energy and flow of abundance in my life? The answer will also start to flow.



Kondo cont’d

So I set out on my Kondo journey and learned a lot of things along the way. Let me start out by saying that I did not follow her steps exactly as laid out but I did start out with my clothes. I own as much as the next person and find that I really only wear about 30% of what I have. That is pretty low when you think of it! Much of my reluctance of getting rid of things stemmed from feeling guilty for having purchased it and not worn it. Or I held onto things thinking I could get “good money” by selling them which may in fact be true but borders on another fear which is of scarcity of not having enough money. However, this is whole other subject for another day but worth bringing up now. Other times I felt like I will eventually have the opportunity to wear it. Once I got past these two points and took an honest inventory it was easy to just start stripping down. If you do as Marie outlines and pick up each item and ask yourself if it brings you joy, it becomes surprisingly both easy and difficult at the same time. Easy because 80% of items won’t bring you joy and you will know it almost immediately and yet difficult because it’s hard to admit this to yourself! Because my current wardrobe is nothing to write home about, I kept telling myself that getting rid of whatever doesn’t serve me will make room in my life for new things that do. Holding onto items that are not of any use to you any longer is a sure way to mess with your vibration. On this note, I do need to make sure that anything I decide to sell (as opposed to donate or dump) actually gets sold otherwise I’m back to square one.

Back to vibration for a moment and my next lesson in this great journey. As I move from lesson to lesson and teacher to teacher it is fun to see how the universe is serving them up in the exact order I need them. Manifesting at its best 🙂 When looking into how to raise my vibration and manifesting, I came across Sarah Prout. I have read many articles authored by her that identify decluttering and cleaning as a sure-fire way to raise your vibration! It is also a way to help you increase manifesting powers (more on this in future posts I am sure).

Do I feel it raised my vibration? Absolutely, especially since I have not completely finished the task and yet I still feel 80% lighter. The weight of the physical items are a type of ball and chain of sorts it would seem. I felt a spring in my step and as if I dropped a few pounds. There was clarity gained and some heaviness on my heart lost. If all things in this world have a vibration, then it stands to reason that once things that are removed that are of no use to us that we are operating on a higher frequency. This will allow us to attract things on the higher frequency based on what I have learned has been coined the Law of Vibration. I can’t wait to blog about this and Abraham Hicks in future The Vibrational Journey is proving to be an exciting one to say the least. As mentioned, one lesson seemingly flowing into the next as if the path is ready for my next steps.

A Vibrational Lesson from Marie Kondo

Kondo Book

After my initial introduction to Vibrational Therapies through the use of Bach Flower remedies, my next lesson came almost 10 years later via Marie Kondo. I came across her book in Chapters before leaving for a trip to India. It was definitely calling me from the book shelves as reading material for my upcoming trip. It was about tidying-up and de-cluttering and at the time, I knew I was in serious need of help.

In her book “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-up”, Marie Kondo goes through step-by-step how to reorganize and de-clutter your home. The methods she uses are radically different than those preached by gurus in past. To add, she gives specific instruction on how to maintain a tidy and clutter-free home which to me is the most important part of all. What good is tidying up if you can’t KEEP IT tidy? It is definitely a method that requires daily practice and importantly daily implementation but the concepts are straight-forward. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve this area of their life. Click here to go to her website.

Marie Kondo has received accolades for her work in this field and I am excited to partake in what’s been called a Konmari phenomenon. The main premise of the book is to only poses those material items that bring you JOY and everything else is either trashed or given to someone else to gain joy from. There really is no middle ground in her book which some find very difficult to accept. Time will tell how I make out with her methods. I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone that has yet to read it but a small example of her approach is to thank everything for its function or the purpose it served in past. This is right down to thanking your home every time you enter it. Some may call this a bit much, but I call it a step forward in my vibrational journey.

What does this have to with vibration you might ask? Well, as it turns out every thing in the universe has energy and that energy has a vibrational frequency. Yes, everything has it’s own unique frequency; that is every object, every sound, everything. My next post will be about this but back to Marie Kondo’s contribution to my journey of self-development. Her book taught me that all the objects in my home are vibrating and that clutter was also negatively affecting me (and our family) and the overall energy of our home. So I am embarking on a journey to clean and de-clutter starting off with calling my local house cleaning company and friends at to get them to help me begin the process. They knew my end goal and were happy to help me get started. They will start the superficial and deep clean but it will be up to me to do the heavy lifting and going through each individual items I own to decide whether or not it brings me joy. This is not something I can delegate to anyone else as they are MY belongings to go through and MY emotions attached to them. Truth be know, it is a bit daunting but I’m confident that I stand to gain a lot from this process and that personal growth will result. This includes clarity. fewer feelings of overwhelm and hopefully a clutter-free mind as well. More posts to come in the days to come once my house cleaners come in and I embark on Marie Kondo’s method!

My Introduction to Vibrations…

My introduction to the idea of vibration came about while living abroad and being treated by a physiotherapist for muscle aches and overall body pains. As he was treating me for said problems he would talk to me like a person and not a therapist. He often asked me questions about work, family and my personal life that did not feel the least bit intrusive. He probed to find out how I was feeling and my true emotions came out in the process. At the end of our session, he wrote down on a sticky note the names of flowers and plants and to my surprise they were in English not his first language. He instructed me to have it filled at the pharmacy as it was a prescription.

I was ever so intrigued. As I came to learn, it was a homeopath remedy and in this country pharmacies dispensed both homeopathic and allopathic remedies. How different from the Americas 12 years ago. I was so impressed with this having a deep knowing that as a people we have moved away from the natural remedies that our bodies were meant to be healed with. This is a segue into ‘heal thyself’ which is a principle that Bach Flowers were founded on. Vibrational therapy and my prescription was exactly that; a remedy bottle for Bach Flowers who’s basic premise operates on restoring emotional balance through vibration. I devoured as much information on the subject and the history and became passionate about sharing them since I saw such improvements in my own health. From that day forward, I have incorporated them into my self-care and that of others.

Fast forward 8 years I bought myself a full kit of Bach Flower Remedies. There is so much to tell on this subject but I encourage people to learn about them at their official website here. I have since taken courses on them and began working towards my accreditation to become a registered Bach Flower Practitioner.

Many people know of the most famous remedy called Rescue Remedy which is generally used in times of crisis. However, there are 38 remedies in total and I will dedicate more time to each of them in future posts. The remedies are divided into seven categories or emotional groups if you will: 1) Fear 2) Uncertainty 3) Insufficient interest in present circumstances 4) Loneliness 5) Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas 6) Despondency or Despair and 7) Over-care for others. All 38 remedies were discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist. Dr. Edward Bach, the wrote ‘Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. Remove the disharmony, and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts.’

Recently, I have been awakened to the fact that we are all operating on Vibration and a light bulb truly went off in my mind about the most important premise of Bach Flowers is that they work on the vibrational level to restore balance. I’ve always known this but it now really struck me as I further delve into the world of vibration, the universe and source energy. So when thinking back, I realize that My Vibrational Journey first began with my introduction to Bach Flower Remedies.